Rugs form an important accessory in your room and enhance the energy and pleasant atmosphere with its theme, design, and colors. The following section describes top-selling rugs that are handpicked and recommended for you.

Rambo Navy Blue Rug is a stain-resistant animal-themed rug suitable for children. The rug has fun and creative designs printed on it and durable enough for heavy usage. It is made of non-skid and non-slip material and usually, children can use it for play. It is made by machine using nylon and serves as an excellent workout place for indoor activities.
It has a backing made from latex and does not fade easily. You can get quick repairs and replacements from its manufacturers if it has any defects and damages due to rips, tears, and burns. It is available in three different sizes.

Camellia Sports Play rug is ideal for children as it is themed with a collection of sports goods on a blue background. It keeps your child energetic and playful when playing on this rug. It is made of nylon and highly resistant to water, stains, and fading. It has a 0.5-inch thickness that is easy to clean with a vacuum. It has a latex back to prevent from slipping and sliding even during rigorous activities. The rug is available in 4 different sizes and comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Corina Travel Map rug is the fun and stylish rug with a map of the USA and its inter-States drawn over it. It is made of nylon with non-skid latex backing for child’s safety. You can clean the rug on the spot with a mild soap with cold water but cannot be washed in a machine. It is available in different colors and four different sizes.
It has a pile height of 0.25 inch which makes it easy to clean using a vacuum cleaner. The rug is free from the lead and resistant to fire. It is covered for repairs and replacements.
and 30-day return policy.

Simonsen Sea rug is a sea-themed rug featuring sea creatures and it is ideal for playrooms, classrooms, bedrooms for your children. It is made from polypropylene and a jute backing which makes it safe and durable for rigorous play or activities. It is a blue aqua color, which is a stain and fire-resistant. It is ideal for indoor use and you need to use a rug pad to prevent jute from scratching the surfaces. You can clean by shaking violently and spot clean with cold water. The rug is free from lead, BPA, and phthalate.
The product comes with a 90-days warranty and available in three different sizes.

Brynn is a dinosaur-themed cool teal and deep blue shades which gives a refreshing feel to your child. It is made of premium wear-resistant nylon which is soft to touch and provides a highly durable rug that can withstand any rigorous activities. 
The rug is made of high-quality materials which are resistant to fire and stains. It has latex backing to prevent skidding, and you do not need to use any rug pad underneath it. You can clean the rug with water and mild detergent on the spot. The rug is available in two different sizes with a pile height of 0.4 inch, and it is covered under warranty for one year for any repairs and replacements.

Lehman is an ideal rug for all children as it is sports-themed with fun and creative designs which excites the children playing on it. It is designed to withstand heavy play activities with non-skid and non-slip backing. It is machine made using nylon and suitable for all indoor activities. 
Lehman rug is primarily in navy blue color, and its materials are resistant to fire and stain. You need not use any rug pad below it as it has a latex backing to prevent skidding and slipping. You can wash this rug in a washing machine. It is available in three different sizes.

Glasgow is a 100% polypropylene rug ideal for the back patio or main entrance path. It is resistant to stain and fading with durable materials that withstand any weather conditions. It is usually used on a hardwood floor, and you can clean on the spot with a mild detergent or using a washing machine. You can also clean with a vacuum using hard surface attachments. It is a handmade rug which is resistant to water. 
The rug has a 30-day warranty against any manufacturing defects and available in 18 different sizes with a pile height of 0.5 inch.