With all the things in the window decoration, nothing is complete without curtains or curtains, and curtains, or maybe curtains. Windows will look naked without any decoration or cover. Window decoration is a good choice to fix. Mini, imitation wood, wood curtain & metal. There are a few good options to choose from. You can select vertical and horizontal curtains. Your window shouldn’t be empty, unless, of course, you want it. And why do you want it?

  • Metal Blinds: They are blinds made of different metals. They are a great alternative to mini plastic curtains. This helps provide a more modern and modern feel, where the style is functional without exaggeration, and it’s a style of its own.
  • A fake wooden window: or a fake wooden window, as I like to call it. These curtains are cheaper than wooden curtains, however, they don’t have a lot of things like wood blinds, such as durability. Worse, this type of blinds is often heavy. This inexpensive fake wood curtain will help you give your home a style without the original wood curtain price.
  • Plastic Blinds: A simple choice for most homeowners, mini blinds are a cheap option that can be easily broken because it is made of plastic. We saw them a lot in modern houses.
  • Wooden Blinds: The perfect choice for any home. The d閏or is strong and durable and very light. One downside is the price is high, but if you can afford it, this is an excellent option. Give your home a lot more, feel like home.

Vertical / Horizontal

Once you select the ingredient, you should now choose how the curtain should be postponed. Vertical or horizontal are two options.

  • Horizontal: The whiteboard is suspended from left to right, stacked one on top of the other. Most Windows Use this type of curtain.
  • Vertical: A suspended chalkboard on the floor, which is ideal for a sliding glass door visible in the hotel.

Durability Window Decoration

For window decoration, blinds are available in many kinds of materials, which gives them high durability. Plastic blinds, called mini blinds, have very low durability. Curtains made of artificial wood or synthetic wood have slightly higher durability. The wood curtain is very strong because they are the strongest of wood. Metals are the most powerful type of decoration in terms of durability, each metal is different, but all are on top of the scale of sustainability.